Learning For Life

Personal Development at Denewood Academy has the purpose of educating pupils about the society that they are growing up in; providing them with the opportunity to develop and grow personally. 

This unique school offers a place where second chances become opportunities for growth. Our pupils have faced the challenges of exclusion and our focus is to stand as a beacon of hope; a place where transformation and self – discovery will pave the way for a brighter future.


Our aim is to help shape our pupils’ minds so that they have the confidence to be active citizens in modern day Britain. Together, we nurture academic growth combined with personal development.  We aim to empower our pupils to overcome obstacles and emerge as confident, responsible, resilient and capable individuals.

Personal Development can tackle barriers to learning, raise aspirations, improve life chances and develop confidence, resilient, creative and curious young adults by building their character through challenging topics and themes.


There is evidence to show that it can also address:


  1. Substance misuse, relationships and lifestyle choices
  2. A lack of physical activity and development
  3. Emotional health, wellbeing and self-regulation

To be successful independent learners, children and young people need regular opportunities to reflect on and identify what they have learned, what needs to be learned and what they need to continue their learning. The personal nature of a Personal Development curriculum and our pupils means that it cannot be assessed in the same ways as most other subjects.

It is however possible to recognise and evidence progress and attainment in the knowledge, understanding, skills and attributes Personal Development strives to enhance.

We use formative assessment throughout all topic delivery to gauge pupils understanding. It is used to inform the teachers planning for that topic. At the end of the unit an activity is carried out to allow pupils to demonstrate the progress they have made. For example an emotional expression picture card activity which is then revisited to match words to expressions, correcting previous misconceptions.


The school supports democratic values in various ways – both as part of our school curriculum and in an extra-curriculum capacity. For instance, we have an active and purposeful Pupil voice that ensures all pathways are represented. Pupils views from this forum are valued and have impacted on change within the school.


In school we have an Inclusive behaviour policy to which pupils are held to account with clear adaptations based on individual needs. Rules and expectations are promoted consistently across the curriculum and pupils are aware of the consequences of falling short of these expectations. The school also recognises, through its reward system the progress made by individual pupils and the unique barriers they overcome.



We believe that all pupils should be given the opportunity to make appropriate personal choices and we offer the support and guidance to enable them to do so. Pupils have the freedom to participate in a wide range of curricular activities. As pupils progress they can move through curriculum pathways which are all designed to prepare them for their next destination. Within our curriculum, there are opportunities for pupils to participate in discussions and debates during which they are encouraged to consider and express their own individual viewpoints.



Our motto of Learning For Life ensures that we put learning and respect at the heart of everything we do. Pupils regularly take part in celebration assemblies that focus on good work and behavioural choices. We work tirelessly to ensure that bullying is tackled through support and understanding. Our small setting allows positive relationships to flourish. The school takes part in anti-bullying week and runs a wide range of support programmes to ensure all pupils feel safe and valued in school.



Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs is central to our school as we work to celebrate the unique nature of every child who attends. Lessons, assemblies and visits locally explore different faiths and beliefs.

Pupils attending Denewood Academy receive a broad programme that gives them the knowledge they need to make decisions, strengthens them personally and contributes to building their character, through the following elements:

  • Inclusion and equality of opportunity
  • Wider opportunities for pupils
  • Health, Education – Physical and mental wellbeing
  • Understanding technology and media
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • Development of character
  • Economic understanding
  • Citizenship
  • British values
  • Relationship education

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